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Teacher resources: Latin American cultures and languages in the classroom

Latin American Cultures and Languages in the Classroom brings together expertise and knowledge from Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Auckland Waipapa Taumata Rau, and schools across Wellington and Auckland. The project placed advanced languages and cultures students from Te Herenga Waka and the University of Auckland as Language and Culture Assistants, to support teachers in bringing Spanish language and Latin American cultures into their classrooms.

The resources introduced here were developed collaboratively by the Language and Culture Assistants, classroom teachers and language and education experts from both universities.

These resources were designed to be used flexibly by teachers in different situations ranging from those with emerging language teaching programmes and variable levels of knowledge of Spanish language (for example in primary or intermediate schools) as well as by teachers of Spanish in secondary schools working with beginner learners of the language.

Each resource explores an aspect of Latin American culture (in particular in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina) used in connection with particular language topics. The intent of the resources is to promote intercultural learning by fostering reflection by the learners and establishing pertinent connections with New Zealand and beyond.

Toitoi journal

In 2020 Toitoi: Latin America Special Issue journals were delivered to every school and public library in New Zealand featuring stories in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The project is part of the Latin America CAPEs education offerings which aim to inspire New Zealanders to gain understanding of the countries of Latin America and to help parents, teachers and students gain global competence with a focus on that region.

You can download Toitoi: Latin America Special Issue apps for Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft or visit the online journal.

The Toitoi Journal cover

Quizzes (in Powerpoint format)

Quiz #1 – Flying around Latin America

Quiz #2 – The Spanish Language

Quiz #3 – Latin America 101

Quiz #4 – Latin America 102

Quiz #5 – Latin America in Pictures

All Quizzes Combined (PDF)

Let’s colour-in!

Vamos a pintar!

Sloth | Folivora

Colour-In sheet

Toucan | Tucán

Colour-In sheet

Jaguar | Jaguar, yaguar or yaguareté

Colour-In sheet